Make the Most of Your fitness Regime with Isometric Exercises

I’ve been living a sedentary life for most of the past 20 years, and that brought in many health issues. From constant back pain to being overweight, I get to feel all those downsides every day, which is why I decided to take action. After trying numerous solutions found online, I ended up on a page about isometric exercises. It sounded very well, and I decided to give these exercises a try. These exercises are placing a lot of pressure on your muscles, although you’re not really moving. And I do believe everyone should give them a try as they are very efficient.

Why should you try out isometric exercises?

You will notice most isometric exercises are very easy to do. In fact, you can try them anywhere, even at home or when you are outdoors. You just need to assume a certain position and perform the exercise without even moving. The main benefit is you can target any muscle and make it work without actually moving. Not everyone likes to move when they work out, so the isometric exercises can be very helpful.

A very popular isometric exercise is Planking. In such a situation, you just need to sit in a certain position for a designated number of seconds. The main benefit is your muscles are under a lot of pressure, so you are working out without moving. Another great example would be a barre class.

When you assume such positions, your muscle fibers are immediately active. However, you’re also pressuring your body to not move. Which means these equal forces are canceling each other and there’s no movement. But you are getting a pretty good workout. You can change your position and try again in a different way. The great thing about isometric exercises is they help you feel refreshed and full of energy.

Is yoga a part of isometric exercises?

Yes, yoga exercises usually require you to tense up your muscles. You don’t have to move during these exercises. Instead the main focus is to hold all the pressure and ensure your muscles are being worked on. Yoga helps a lot here because it bolsters your flexibility. Yoga also makes it easier to pursue things like weight loss, among many others.

Even if you are performing other types of workouts, you can still try out isometric exercises. These will work great for you, since they offer more diversity and value.

You just have to use them to your advantage and the results themselves will always be exciting. Don’t hesitate and give yoga a try if you are interested in isometric exercises. It includes a huge range of exercises, and you get to do them naturally, as a part of the yoga practice.

What are the benefits of isometric exercises?

One of the major isometric exercises benefits is that you can lower your blood pressure in the long run. Also, you get to boost your resistance to pain. It makes such exercises a great addition to your daily routine. In addition, you can improve the overall flexibility of your body too. As a result, you can jump, run and kick a lot faster and without generating any kind of pain. You rarely get any type of benefit like this with other exercises. Which is why you need to try out isometric exercises and see if they work for you. These exercises are versatile, unique and you can optimize and customize them.

Great isometric exercises

Prayer pose

The prayer pose is very simple, you just need to place your palms together and press as hard as possible. The great thing here is you don’t have to move at all, yet you can place a lot of pressure on your hands. It helps you work on your muscles.

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High plank

High plank exercises are also simple. You just prepare for a push-up basically. Yet instead of moving downward you need to maintain the body in such a position. The trick here is you need to maintain your spine in a straight line.

Wall presses

You can start in a low lunge position, and your focus is to push the wall as much as possible. You’re not moving, of course, but the exercise will help you work on your shoulders and chest. It’s a great exercise, despite feeling very simple.

Low squat

In the case of a Low squat, what you need to do is to perform a normal squat, but you remain at the ground level and don’t go up. Try to maintain your position for as much time as you can. You need to keep the arms straight and squeeze your feet.

Tips to focus on while performing isometric exercises

It’s very important to avoid holding your breath. When you tense up muscles, your body will tell you to avoid breathing. Obviously you want to avoid such a thing, because you need oxygen in your system. Inhale and slowly exhale, then repeat it again and again. It will help you better prepare for your workout routine. You get such a thing having to worry about any possible problems.

Try to work with a variety of isometric exercises. Ideally you want to work on most of your muscles. Which means tackling various parts of your body with every exercise. Mixing things up is the right way to go, and it will make the process better and more convenient all the time. Even testing multiple angles for the same exercise can boost muscle strength. It all comes down to experimenting and trying out new things.

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You’re not using movement to fatigue muscles, so you need to squeeze your muscles as much as possible. Use these tips, and you can obtain a good workout without having to worry about muscle problems.


Most isometric exercises are very easy to perform. They help you maintain your muscles in a very good shape. All you have to do is to give them a try and we guarantee you will have a very good experience. Check them out and the results can be extraordinary. You will feel better, there won’t be intense muscle pains, and instead your focus can be on your health and wellbeing!

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