Don’t Let Jet Lag Wreck the First Few Days of Your Trip Away From Home

The stressful baggage checking, inconvenient flights, expensive accommodation, and overcrowded airports are some of the common hassles you encounter when planning a holiday trip. With a plethora of hassles, the last thing any traveler wants to worry about will be jet lag. Basically, jet lag refers to a short-term sleeping disorder that occurs when you travel across different countries and encounter multiple time zones. According to medical experts, the human body has an in-built clock that functions systematically. Your sleeping pattern is determined by this clock.

Now that you keep on entering unusual time zones, your body finds it harder to sync with the new time zone and adjust your sleeping pattern accordingly. As a result, you suffer from jet lag. The frequent travelers and adults (especially the ones traveling to the east region) are likely to experience jet lag symptoms. But worry not! In this post, we’ll share some easy tips to fight jet lag and enjoy your trip to its fullest. Let’s get started.

Shift your Bedtime

Are you planning to travel to the east? Well, you must start shifting your bedtime earlier. Research suggests that moving your sleeping hours earlier can help travelers prepare for their foreign trips better. It also reduces the chances of jet lag. For example, you should already shift your bedtime at least an hour earlier than usual if you are planning an international trip three months from now. For west travelers, the bedtime should be shifted one hour later to the original time.

Arrive Early

If you have an important event to attend in a foreign country, try to plan the journey a few days before the event. The least it can do is allow you enough time to take rest and adjust your mind and body to the new time zone.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine can keep you awake the whole night. Similarly, alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep. As your body is already trying to adjust to the new time zone, you should limit or avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcohol while traveling. You should also drink plenty of water before, during, and after the flight. This will keep your body from dehydration.

Get Natural Light Therapy

Natural sunlight is the best way to control your circadian rhythms and ensure a healthy and long-lasting sleep at night. If you are traveling west, try to expose your body to the natural sunlight in the morning (after reaching the destination). Don’t get evening sunlight. For east travelers, the opposite has to be done. You must expose yourself to the noon and evening sunlight while avoiding the morning rays. This small trick can cure jet lag and improve the quality of your sleep if done properly.

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Eat Well

Some travelers stick to a jet lag special diet i.e. eating heavy meals a few weeks before the journey and fasting on the travel date. But the truth is there is no jet lag specific travel diet. You can follow your regular meals routine, but avoid high-carb and fatty diets before going to sleep. Moreover, a healthy breakfast and light meals for dinner make a go-to diet plan for regular travelers.

Try a Hot Shower Before Going to Bed

A hot shower is a necessity for travelers. After the long hours of the exhausting flight, travelers take a hot shower and unwind. After arriving at your destination, take a hot shower. It will drop your body temperature, making you feel drowsy.

Carry Eye Masks and Earplugs

Most travelers are unable to get quality sleep on the flight because of the irritating noise and unusual lights. Of course, you have a habit of sleeping in a dark and peaceful environment. with earplugs and eye mask on, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep with no disturbance. Whether there’s a bright light or lots of noise, you can expect a quality sleep on the plane with an eye mask and earplugs. You can also use these sleeping accessories in the hotel room.

Try Medicines

Medicines should be considered as the last resort i.e. when every strategy fails, you can rely on the prescribed sleeping pills to prevent jet lags. Always consult with a doctor before taking any sleeping medication.

So, these were some tips to fight jet lags and make the most of your international trip. Follow the above-listed tips and have a safe and happy journey.

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