10 Simple Ways to Organize Your Space

It might sound a pretty hectic and time-consuming job, but you should schedule a space organization to ensure a clean and de-cluttered home.

No one likes to live in a cluttered space where all they can see is a mess. Fortunately, organizing your home isn’t going to be a challenging task. In this post, we’ll share 10 effortless and effective ways to organize your space. So, are you ready to start the home cleaning and organization task? Let’s get started.

1- Start With Your Wardrobe

Believe it or not, but the mess starts with your wardrobe. Overflowing closets leave you with no other choice than taking some stuff out and placing it in the drawers or under the bed. This way, you end up misplacing your essentials.

The best place to start your space organization job in the closet. Check your closet, select the items that you no longer wear, and throw them out. Don’t wait until the holiday or occasion. Do it right away!

2- Hang Your Clothes Wisely

Once you are done discarding the unnecessary clothes, it is time to organize your closet by hanging your outfits. Before you start, sort your clothes by categories and arrange them accordingly. For example, hang all pants in one section and dresses or shirts in another. You can also categorize your clothes by season or length.

If you have a limited number of hangers, then fold your clothes and organize them horizontally (as it saves plenty of space).

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3- Keep Your Essentials Handy

An organized space is the one where the regular use items are easy to access. For example, the small yet useful items like a comb, hair accessories, scarves, glasses, books, tech gadgets, and your office documents should be organized either in the drawers or cupboards (whichever sounds accessible). You must arrange the items according to the frequency of their use. For example, seasonal accessories like sweaters, winter scarves, and etc can be stored at the bottom of your cupboard.

You wouldn’t want to waste hours searching for your office-wear accessories or regular home-based items. With that being said, pay special attention to your regular-use items and store them somewhere near to your reach.

4- Maintain Your Drawers

It is the drawers where you search your daily-use or special items should anything go missing. That is exactly when you realize that the drawers are overflowing. Whether it is the clothes and accessories drawers or the regular ones, you need to clean them every once a week. The last thing you want is to lose your office documents, ID cards, or an important license just because you couldn’t organize your drawer.

Only keep documents that you may need on a regular basis. Never mix up the important documents with regular books and daily-use stuff.

5- Organize Your Shoe

Install shoe racks, boot boxes, and shelves to organize your shoes properly. Most of us have a habit of placing our shoes on the floor. It won’t take long to organize your shoes in the shoe rack. But, it can definitely maximize your space and make your home look well-organized.

Don’t you like the idea of living in a space where all your rooms look de-cluttered? Start your organizing job with shoes. Arrange them properly and make a habit of placing them on the shoe rack or shelves.

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6- Store Stuff Under Your Bed

Why search for space when you have enough storage available under your bed? While some of you have already stacked mattresses or pillows under the bed, others don’t even know about this additional storage. If your bed doesn’t have in-built storage, insert some re-purposed drawers under the bed and store your essentials and non-essentials stuff.

7- Use Hanging Hooks

Hooks can accommodate a lot of items. From your winter scarves to special handmade jewelry to soft toys, the hook is a great place to hang and display your creativity. You can even hang décor items such as your paintings or craft.

Don’t install hooks all over your room walls. Try to give a separate section to hooks and hang only the creative stuff that beautifies your home.

8- Invest in a Spacious Bedside Table

A bedside table house plenty of your regular stuff such as books, reading glasses, water jug, watch, mobile, pills, and mini-stuff. The size of the table you need to buy depends on the number and type of items you need to place near the bed. You can either opt for a table with drawers and shelves or a simple table with a night lamp.

9- Arrange Your Furniture Properly

Once you are done organizing the little items, it is time to arrange your furniture and maximize your living space. You can replace those heavy and dull furniture pieces with something stylish. Organize your furniture in such a way that your guests and family members get enough room to roam around the home freely. The sofa or couch sets should not block the way to your balcony or kitchen.

10- Organize the Kitchen

So, you have arranged organized cords, wardrobe, drawing room, furniture, and everything. Are you sure you aren’t missing out on something? Your space won’t look organized until you work on your kitchen arrangements. After all, that’s the place where you cook and grab your favorite snacks. Kitchen organization is going to be a bit challenging task, especially for those who don’t schedule kitchen cleaning and maintenance regularly.

Start the process by cleaning your kitchen floor, countertop, microwave, fridge, and other appliances and areas that have accumulated dirt and dust. Once the cleaning is over, sort appliances by their size and frequency of use. For example, sharp objects such as knives and metal items should be placed in one drawer.

Hope these simple space organizing tips helped you to organize your space efficiently.

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